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Fussie Cat Winter Tips

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Winter!


For many of us (at least those who aren’t with us in California) that means snow! While many of our feline friends have adapted to snowfall, they still face a greater risk when it’s on the ground, so we wanted to share a few helpful tips so that your kitty can stay safe during the Winter.

  1. If you have any outside sheds or outbuildings, either ensure that they’re shut all the way or that they’re wedged open so no kitty looking for a warm place for a few minutes gets trapped.
  2. Check your car before starting it, including the engine! Even if your kitty is an indoor one, you never know who may climb up there for some warmth.
  3. Provide outdoor shelter, it’s important for a cat to have access to a warm place just in case, providing a warm shelter for them is essential. You may find a feral mom moves her kittens in as well!
  4. If your cat is older, or has arthritis, the cold can severely affect inflamed joints and make it hard for them to reach some of their favorite sleeping areas. Provide some extra warmth lower to the ground as well as see if you can’t make it easier for them to reach their favorite sleeping area if possible.
  5. Confirm any outside water source isn’t frozen each day.
  6. Make sure your kitty is inside before the sun goes down. The night not only lowers temperatures, but significantly increases the chances of a vehicle incident.
  7. Whenever your kitty comes back inside from the snow, wipe off any grit and check for signs of frostbite.
  8. If your kitties are indoor only, do a quick check to make sure all entrances, exits (including windows!) are secure. Indoor kitties may escape through something as innocent as a loose screen, and the combination of the cold and being outside may frighten them and they could get lost.
  9. Make sure your heat is good and dependable! We know how much kitties appreciate being warm, so make sure your heater is working not only for yourself but for them. When leaving during the day, make sure there’s enough heat on inside.
  10. Stock up on food! You never know when some extreme weather may come up, so having an extra case or bag of Fussie Cat will ensure you have plenty of food for your feline friends just in case any blizzards make road conditions too dangerous. Plan ahead and save yourself from the worry!



These are just a few Winter tips to ensure that your kitten has a safe (and warm!) holiday season!


National Search Dog Foundation

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Hello Zignature Fans!

This month we wanted to dedicate this post to one of our partners, the National Search Dog Rescue Foundation! The National Search Dog Foundation (or SDF) is on a mission to recruit dogs from across the United States that can be trained in search and rescue techniques to aid in the rescue of injured and/or trapped persons during a disaster. The eight to ten-month training program teaches the dogs how to navigate difficult terrain, pick up on the faintest of scents and locate people no matter the circumstance. At the end of the training the dogs will be partnered with a handler from a Search and Rescue team for a quick two week introductory period. This is to confirm they work well together before going off to their new home to perform what they’ve been trained for. Due to the professional training these fur balls receive the time it takes for them to attain FEMA Advanced Certification is greatly reduced. These canines are the real deal and save countless lives whenever disaster strikes!


One of the most amazing things about this organization is how they recruit their dogs. SDF recruits primarily from shelters, rescuing pups, some less than a day from scheduled euthanasia, train them up and give them a second chance at life. Any dog that is unable to complete the rigorous training is trained as a service dog to help people with disabilities or fostered into a loving home, ensuring that they never have to see a shelter again. SDF keeps tabs on every dog that has gone through their training, pass or fail, to ensure that they are well taken care of. If anything changes they will take the dog back so they do not have to re-enter a shelter.

Zignature is so proud to provide these hard-working pups with a nutritionally balanced diet to help power them through their busy days. Please feel free to go take a look at their page for more information!

SDF Website

With that said, unfortunately SDF has taken a hard blow from the Thomas fire in Ventura county. Much of their training courses were lost to the flames, but thankfully everyone, including all the canines, were able to get to safety without any harm. If you are interested in supporting this wonderful organization as we do, please see the link below about ways you can help out!

Click Here 

In the future we’ll be featuring SDF by getting some training tips for you to use at home, showing a little about how these dogs are trained and much more! Stay tuned for much more!


Rob Cima and SDF Dog Harley at Ground Zero, September 9th 2001